About Us

welcome to Shafique Group

The Group was born with the aim and objective of serving the People and the Country, and with a vision of building Bangladesh as an economically developed and self-reliant country. These objective and vision have made Shafique Group keep widening its areas of business and thus turned it into one of the largest business and industrial conglomerates of the country by ensuring its strong presence in almost all major industrial and business sectors. The Group now boasts entities in sectors including real estate, Hospital, Clinic and allied products, Feed mill, gas Station, Jute Mills, Medicine Conner, Auto Bricks, infrastructure development and Murshida LPG convention center operation.


{1.} Shafique Traders - 1983 {2.} Shafique Real State - 2011 {3.} Shafique Jute Mills Limited - 2013 {4.} Shafique Specialized Hospital & Diagnostic Complex LTD - 2014 {5.} Shafique Feed Mills Limited - 2014 {6.} Shafique Auto Bricks - 2016 {7.} Shafique LPG Auto Gas Filling Station and Conversion Center - 2016 {8.} Shafique Murshida LPG Filling Station - 2019 {9.} Murshida Medicine Corner - 2020 {10.} Shafique Murshida Asphalt Mixture - 2021 {11.} Shafique Murshida Poultry Farm - 2021


All Our Sister Concern List

Shafique Specialized Hospital & Diagnostic Complex LTD
Shafique Auto Bricks
Shafique Feed Mills Limited
Shafique Jute Mills Limited
Shafique Traders
Shafique Real Estate Limited